Compliance Report

This report documents approved structures on the property. Any additions or changes that are not approved are then evident and subsequent approvals that maybe required are then highlighted. This is achieved by requesting the building file from A.C.T. Planning and Land (ACTPLA) together with our onsite inspection.

There are generally two forms of approval required when undertaking a project.

Development Approval – Plans are drawn and submitted to ACTPLA and for approval. Development approval is about the design of the development. It ensures the development is appropriate to an area and conforms with any lease requirements, Territory Plan codes, regulations or specific development conditions that may apply to a particular piece of land.

The approvals process differs according to the type, location and complexity of the development. When the department is satisfied the development meets all criteria the plans are stamped ‘APPROVED’, effectively the go ahead is given to begin construction.

Building Approval – ensures that any planned building work will be structurally sound and safe, and conforms to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Exemptions from building approval may apply to some small structures. Building approval is given by a licensed building surveyor who has been appointed as a building certifier. The certifier will carry out inspections of throughout the construction process and ultimately is responsible for overseeing the project to completion and if satisfied will make the recommendation to ACTPLA that a Certificate of Occupancy and/or Use should be issued.